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A+ Certified
Secure Online Computer Service and Support
 for Apple® and Windows® Devices

Serving Happy Customers in the Rogue Valley and Worldwide since 2008!

Desktops • Laptops • Tablets • iPods
Printers • Scanners • Networking • WiFi

Always FREE Diagnosis & Troubleshooting
$30, $60, & $90 Flat Rates

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

From the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, receive secure real-time technical computer support for all your devices!

ALL our services are backed by our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

How to get a FREE Diagnosis


We can begin your FREE Diagnosis
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all; no credit card required.

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*happy customer feedback*

“Reason for Service: Slow MacBook®.
Level of Satisfaction: High
Happy with Service: Very Happy...   personal service, pick up and delivery, friendly and patient.  ”

“Reason for Service: suspicion of  computer having been compromised, due to credit cards used to pay for purchases online having been compromised.
Level of Satisfaction:  High
Happy with Service:  Very Happy...reviewed all options and assoiated costs including replacing computer, replacing/upgrading hard drive, and scanning computer for spyware/viruses...walked me thru ordering hardware to ensure the right part was ordered... very communicative about delivery times... computer returned without ANY issues with re-installment of software and files..."

“Reason for Service: Checking and reinstalling files after computer crashed; fine-tuning computer; uninstalling unnecessary programs.
Level of Satisfaction: High 
Happy with Service: Very Happy… takes time explaining … offers helpful suggestions… I learned a lot.  ”

Residential Remote Computer Services & Flat Fees

Pay for your online service safely and securely through PayPal®.


No charge if your session
runs longer

30 minutes of detailed analytical diagnosis, zeroing in on your reported issues and areas of concern.

Click the Tab tht says "Schedule FREE Diagnosis" to get started!

$30/30 Minute Secure Remote Service Session

No additonal charge if 
your session runs longer

Manage OS Upgrades
PC Tune Up
Software Install/Setup
Digital Camera Help
iPad, iPod, and MP3 Support
Green PC Optimization
*File /Data Recovery
*PC to PC File/Data Transfer
*Simple = 10 GB 

$60/60 Minute Secure Remote Service Session

No additonal charge if 
your session runs longer

Virus/Malware Removal
Network/Router Support
Wireless Security
Networking Configuration
iPhone Setup & Synch iPhone/iPad/iPod Support
Microsoft Office Support

Email Setup/Support
Quickbooks Support
Install Data Backup System
Install Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
 Printer/Scanner Support
Home Networking:
Add A Device
**Data Recovery
**Manual Data Backup
** PC to PC Data Transfer
**Moderate = 10+ GB – 20 GB 

$90/90 Minute Secure Remote Service Session

No additonal charge if 
your session runs longer

New Computer/Device
***Data Recovery
***PC to PC Data Transfer
***Manual Data Backup
*** Complex = more
 than 20+ GB

Hardware  Services
$90 Labor Rate


Manufacturer Specified Parts;  No Mark-up.
 Drop Off / Pick Up
 in Rogue River only.